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Totally Uninstall Rocketlife Messenger - How to Completely Remove Rocketlife Messenger from Win 8 Step by Step

It is not easy to uninstall Rocketlife Messenger when it is expired. You might try to remove Rocketlife Messenger using “Add or Remove Programs” in Control Panel, but you failed again and again. There are still some leftover files in your computer. You could not fully remove them. It is annoying that you could not delete it when you don’t want to use it anymore because you it is not listed in the program list. Fortunately, there are some Rocketlife Messenger removal tips that might help you handle the problems.

How to fully uninstall Rocketlife Messenger by manual?

If your Rocketlife Messenger is not corrupted, you can follow the normal way to delete it.
In Windows XP system:
1. Open the task manager to close every current application.
2. Click Start and then click on the Control Panel tab.
3. Choose “Add or Remove Programs”.
4. Select Rocketlife Messenger in the list of installed programs and then click “Change or Remove Programs” tab. And then, follow the on screen processes to remove the program.
If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system, you just need to click the “Program and Features” tab and then follow the operations like Windows XP.
However, the operations above can not help you completely remove Rocketlife Messenger. You need to finish the most important procedures which are cleaning its registry files and extensions. Thus, you have to follow the instructions very carefully.

To edit the registry:
Click Start, and then click Run. The Run window appears.
In the Open box, type regedit and then click OK. The Registry Editor appears.
Navigate to the following key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Rocketlife Messenger
Select the pcAnywhere key and then press Delete.
Navigate to the following key:
Select the AW_HOST key and then press Delete.
Navigate to the following key:
Look for an entry like the following:
For pcANYWHERE 7.x and 8.x
C:\Program Files\pcANYWHERE\Awhost32.exe /A.
For pcAnywhere 9.x
C:\Program Files\Rocketlife Messenger \pcAnywhere
If you see an entry like this, select it and press Delete.
Close the editor. And then restart your computer. Rocketlife Messenger has been fully deleted.
The best way to fully uninstall Rocketlife Messenger
The above method is simple for users to uninstall Rocketlife Messenger. However, sometimes a tiny mistake will make this simple process become a disaster. It may involve editing the actual Windows registry and would bring you many troubles. Moreover, the removal may mess up with other program on the computer. Therefore, it is highly recommended users to use a 3rd party uninstall tool.
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