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Can not Uninstall Adobe Shockwave Using Its Uninstaller - Learn the Adobe Shockwave Removal Guides Step by Step

Are you tired to uninstall Adobe Shockwave, but it is still stored in your computer? Did you encounter that Civil 3D would not start when you was using it? And it just blinks and disappears while you tried to repair and reinstall it. It was so annoying when you wanted to remove Adobe Shockwave and it just gave an error message and rolled back the “Installation” again and again.

How to uninstall Adobe Shockwave from your computer with ease?

You might search the internet for Adobe Shockwave removal solution. However, none of the forum could give you an effective Adobe Shockwave removal tip. What do you want to do now? Well, you can learn some uninstall tips below:

Solution to remove Adobe Shockwave in common way:

Step 1:
Click “Start” > “Control Panel” > “Add or Remove Programs” - in Windows XP
Click “Start” > “Control Panel” > “Programs” > “Programs and Features” in Windows Vista and Windows 7
Step 2:
Find Adobe Shockwave in the program list and then click “Remove” or “uninstall” option on the right. Click “Yes” to prompt for confirmation to proceed with the removal. In fact, there are still leftover registry files in your computer. So you need to do next step.
Step 3:
To fully remove Adobe Shockwave, this is the most important step below:
Click Start at the left corner of the task bar.
In the Search field or Run.
Type regedit and press Enter.
Locate this Windows registry folder on the left pane: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ Windows\CurrentVersion\ Uninstall
On the right pane, locate the registry key which contains “Adobe Shockwave”.
Look for the key Uninstall Adobe Shockwave.  Such a key points to the uninstallator. The log file is located on the same folder where the software resides.
Delete the key containing “Adobe Shockwave”.
Step 4:
Reboot your computer. And Adobe Shockwave will be uninstalled completely.
These steps above are difficult for most of you to handle so it is highly risky to manually delete the program. Your system might be in danger.

Thus, here is the most effective and safest Adobe Shockwave uninstall tips below.

If the manual removal instructions are complicated, you should try to use uninstall tool to help you uninstall Adobe Shockwave without difficulty. Perfect Uninstaller is the best program uninstaller which can enable you to fully remove any unwanted programs with ease. “Force Uninstall” of Perfect Uninstaller is an amazing function which enables you to fully delete any programs such as McAfee, Norton, ESET and Avira. You just need to right-click the Adobe Shockwave folder and click the “Uninstall with PU” utility. And then, you follow the Adobe Shockwave removal instructions. After a while, you will find that it has already been deleted completely.

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