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Can’t uninstall Silverlight? How Can I Totally Remove Silverlight from My Computer for Free

Is it annoying to uninstall Silverlight? It is so depressed that I am not able to delete this program completely. What about you? You might encounter the troubles like “I got an old version of Silverlight. I clicked uninstall and then tried to install the newest version of Silverlight but it will not let me do this because apparently the old version is still on the drive.” In order to delete this application, I have searched for many removal tips on Google. But I failed due to the tips are unavailable or they are hard to be followed. Fortunately, I find the useful uninstall tips and now I share them to you. 

Why do you try to remove Silverlight from your computer?

Obviously, most of you try to install the latest version of the program. Or you would like to apply another application to instead. And Silverlight is corrupted and gets error so that you are unable to use it anymore. This program eats up a lot of system resources so that your PC is crashing and freezing. It can not work well.

Uninable to install Silverlight

How to fully remove Silverlight from your laptop?

Step 1: Click Start, and then click All Programs. Choose Silverlight and then highlight Uninstall Silverlight.
Step 2: Click Remove button in the dialog box as follow:
Step 3: Click Yes in the next dialog box.
Step 4: Wait for the removal to finish and then click Finish to end the process.
If there is no Uninstall option, you can go to the Control Panel to start the removal processes.
1) Go to Start and then Control Panel.
2) Open “Add/Remove Programs” and then click the program you want to delete from the programs’ list.
3) Click Uninstall and follow the instructions to remove all the files.
After I have done all above, you have to clean the related registry entries through Registry Editor. It is crucial for you to remove all Silverlight registry entries. Click Start Menu and then go to Run. On the pop-up dialogue box, Type “regedit” so that you can open Registry Editor. Find out the related files under folder like:
Please delete them all without any hesitation.
In the end, you need to restart your PC as you see the popup message. And the software will be totally deleted from your PC.

However, it’s not a good idea that you would take the risk to manually delete registry entries, for deleting registry entries by mistake will bring a disaster for you. Thus a small and inconvenient uninstaller like Perfect Uninstaller is the best choice to completely uninstall Silverlight other than formatting your hard drive so that you don't have to put things back from scratch. With the powerful scan engine, Perfect Uninstaller can fully detect and forcibly uninstall all registry entries, DLL files as well as its drivers. It only needs a few clicks and takes a few minutes to completely remove Silverlight from your PC.


Can’t Fully Remove Adobe Acrobat 7 - How to Get Rid of Adobe Acrobat 7 in Minutes with Its Removal Tips

It is not able to totally uninstall Adobe Acrobat 7 from Windows because you can’t completely delete it or there is error message stopping you doing this. Adobe Acrobat is free software that enables users for reliably viewing, printing and commenting on PDF documents. With much more functions, Adobe Acrobat 7 especially relates to highlighting and commenting, security and enhances user experience. So many Adobe users would like to update to the latest version. However, they find that is impossible for them to uninstall Adobe Acrobat. Don’t be panic. With the instructions below and you can uninstall Adobe Acrobat 7 successfully.

How to Remove Adobe Acrobat 7 using the uninstaller

1. Choose Start, and then choose Control Panel.
2. Double click Add/Remove Programs.
3. Select Adobe Acrobat 7 in the list and click Remove.
4. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the removal.

How to Delete Adobe Acrobat 7 registered files using the command prompt

1. Press Control-Alt-Delete to open Task Manager.
2. On the Processes tab, select explorer.exe and choose End Process.
3. Choose File in the Task Manager and then select New Task.
4. Type cmd in the box and click OK.
5. Type cd”C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Acrobat\ActiveX” and press Enter.
6. Type del AcroIEHelper.dll and press Enter.
7. Type del AcroPDF.dll and press Enter.
8. Type del pdfshell.dll and press Enter.
9. Type exit and press Enter.
10. In Task Manager, choose File and then select New Task.
11. Type explorer.exe and click OK.

How to Uninstall remaining folder and files for Adobe Acrobat 7 

Remove the listed folders and files below:
Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0
Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Acrobat
Documents and Settings\[User Name]\Application Data\Adobe\Acrobat
Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe\Acrobat
Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop\Adobe Acrobat 7.lnk

Now Adobe Acrobat 7 has been removed from your computer completely. But you might ask, does it have to be that complicated? Of course you can choose a much easier method to uninstall Adobe Acrobat 7.

How to completely uninstall Adobe Acrobat 7 in a simpler and more effective way? 

The answer is to use a trusted and reliable uninstall tool. Only with a few clicks, Adobe Acrobat 7 is completely gone. Perfect Uninstaller is a powerful, trusted and reliable uninstall tool that can help you to uninstall any unwanted programs in a fast, secure and convenient way. A very useful feature of Perfect Uninstaller is that it not only deletes those unwanted programs like Nero 10, but also force uninstalls all of the unwanted leftovers.


How to Fully Uninstall Comodo Security If You Can't Remove It Completely with Standard Way in Win 7

Can’t uninstall Comodo Security completely? You might meet the situation below:
“When you try to remove it, there is no Uninstall option. It does not appear the processes when you select uninstall on Windows Start Menu.”
“I tried a powerful uninstall tool called Revo Uninstaller and it can’t remove it. What is going on?
Even though Comodo Security was an outstanding program to help you protect your PC, it crashed your PC while it was expired. And it was unavailable to update it. Thus, you have to delete it and try another antivirus program. You might be tired of uninstalling Comodo Security again and again. But you can’t get success due to there are so many leftover files in your system. As a matter of fact, it is not difficult to fully uninstall Comodo Security from your PC if you can follow the removal tips in this article.

Can I totally uninstall Comodo Security with Windows utility?

Of course, you can! But you need to follow the program uninstall instructions carefully. Most of you would like to remove Comodo Security through the “Uninstall a Programs” of Control Panel Windows 7.
1) Find the Control Panel after you click “Start Menu”
2) Double-click on “Uninstall a Program” under Programs session
3) Locate in “Programs and Features”, Find out the Comodo Security on the programs installed list.
4) Click on “Remove” button.
5) Click the Remove All button to begin the removal process of removal.
6) Once the removal processes are finished, you need to restart the computer. And you will find the program is not in the programs’ list.
However, this is not the end. You need to clean up all related registry entries which are related to the software.
For some unreasonable reasons, this standard uninstall method can not remove it because it is not listed in the Control Panel. Or there error message to stop your removal processes. Thus, you can follow the automatic uninstall instructions below to delete any leftover components of Comodo Security.

How to delete Comodo Security automatically with Perfect Uninstaller?

Perfect Uninstaller has been created as an automatic removal program to uninstall Comodo Security products when the normal removal methods fail. It has the most powerful utility call “Force Uninstall”. You can try to use this specified Norton removal tool and run it to remove any unwanted program like AVG, Avast or ESET.
Download and install Perfect Uninstaller.
Close all Norton Application windows you may have open
Find the following directories in the hard drive and right click to “Uninstall With PU” once found
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Comodo
C:\Program Files\Comodo
C:\Program Files\Comodo
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Norton or C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Comodo
C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\NAV or C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\NIS
( Note:the Application Datas in them are hidden)
Follow the onscreen guides and finish the removal processes. Comodo Security will be easily and completely removed from your PC.

Can’t remove Comodo Security? Perfect Uninstaller can help you. (It is 100% guarantee)