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Crossbrowse Won’t Uninstall - How Do I Uninstall/Remove Crossbrowse in My Computer (Should I Delete It?)

Are you confused when you uninstall Crossbrowse because it does not include an uninstaller option? And there was something similar like that in my pc as folllowing.

"I tried uninstalling Crossbrowse with via programs and features but it is always saying "please close all crossbrowse windows and try again" even though nothing is open. I thought that I would find something still open via task manager but like I previously stated, nothing is open. I then tried to find its folder and delete it directly but it constantly says "action cant be completed because file is open in another program."

When you are unable to delete Crossbrowse by manual and you don’t know much about Crossbrowse removal, you could learn and follow its uninstall instructions in this post.