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Uninstall Search Donkey – How to Successfully Remove Search Donkey from Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox?

Do you decide to fully uninstall Search Donkey from Chrome?
Search Donkey is a browser add-on, which can get inside the system either with or without user's permission asked. Thus, it is necessary to uninstall Search Donkey from your Google Chrome due to it eats up many resources of your system. It is disappointed that you have tried to uninstall Search Donkey, but it still appears when you open your browser. And pop-up ads from Search Donkey keep appearing on your web browser when you highlight a key word. You could not remove it in normal way. So, you have to learn the effective and easy uninstall guides to solve the problem. And, you could follow the Search Donkey removal instructions as follow.
At the beginning, in order to completely uninstall Search Donkey, you should disable it. And then, you need to close Chrome. Next, you should using the “Add or Remove Programs” in Control Panel. The detailed step-by-step instructions are below.
Go to click “Start Menu” > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > locate Search Donkey in the programs list > “Change or Remove” button > on the pop-up screen, follow the Next steps to finish the job. But, the Search Donkey will disappear for a while. When you browse IE, it might be still there. That’s the uninstall guides for Windows xp. However, that is similar with Windows Vista or Windows 7. The difference between them is that “Programs and Features” insteads of “Add or Remove Programs”. Furthermore, you need to delete all related files about Search Donkey. And you have to follow the removal tips carefully below.
Click Start Menu on the left corner > Click Run > Type “Regedit” > Click “YES” to open Registry Editor > Click the folder HKEY_CURRENT_USER and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Search and click all Search Donkey registry entries > Right-click the files and Select “Delete” option > Click “Delete” to clean up the registry files.
Caution: If you lose some important files during you edit the registry. And your system is not safe and stable now. Windows might be destroyed. You have to re-build it.

To totally uninstall Search Donkey and avoid any troubles, you could try to use uninstall tool. It is specially produced to handle the software removal problems. Perfect Uninstaller is an expert on uninstalling programs. “Force Uninstall” is the most powerful and fantastic function. It is 100% guaranteed to get rid of Search Donkey from your Firefox with ease.


How to Uninstall Google Music Manager if I Can’t Totally Remove Music Manager for Windows

You might be so frustrated about "There is no way to fully uninstall Google Music Manager on your Windows". When you delete it from applications and it still showed up ever time you started up the PC. And this makes you get a slow computer.Too many auto-run programs added to Startup may be the major cause of a slow Windows PC. You might have searched how to completely remove it, and did that. But, you failed. In order to avoid this annoying trouble, you need to learn how to totally uninstall Google Music Manager step by step below.

How to get rid of Google Music Manager by manual?

Click Windows key or Home key + R key to open up "Run" application. Input MSCONFIG or msconfig in it, then you click OK button on Run.

Select the Startup option on System Configuration.

Find and disable Music Manager item on that list by cancelling the checkbox for it and then clicking Apply and OK button. What's more, if you're willing to manually upgrade other Google product, such as Google Chrome, you can also disable the Google Update project listed.

Click "Restart" button on System Configuration. Or you can select the option Exit without restart.
If you want to delete Google Music Manager in Control Panel, you can follow or review the steps below.

Click on Start button in Taskbar, and then click Control Panel link and then Programs - Programs and features - Uninstall or Change a program.

Double click on Music Manager program installed list.
You can click Show details to learn more on the automatic removal process; and then you click Close button on Music Manager Uninstall: Completed window.
For advanced users, you can manually detect and remove Google Music Manager remains through go into Registry Editor; and for more common users, run an uninstall tool to safely and fully uninstall Google Music Manager from Windows without any traces.After trying the manual removal procedures or the Music Manager uninstaller, you will find that the Google Music Manager is still in your system. In that case, you should use an uninstall tool to run a clean removal for you. There are many professional uninstall tool for you to choose. As one of the most excellent uninstall tools, Perfect Uninstaller performs perfectly in many tests, and a very useful feature of Perfect Uninstaller is that they can force uninstall these hidden files.
Can't remove Google Music Manager? Try Perfect Uninstaller(It is 100% guarantee!)


How can I uninstall VAIO Messenger when I can't uninstall VAIO Messenger in Win 7?

Are you desired to totally uninstall VAIO Messenger from your Sony laptop because it slows down your laptop?
Are you annoyed to delete VAIO Messenger due to it causes rectangular black screen to pop up saying that VAIO Messenger has stopped responding?
In this article, you can completely get rid of it with ease. Before you try to remove VAIO Messenger, you should disable it as VAIO Messenger will still be running in the background. So you need to close it in the Task Manager. And next, you can follow the removal guides below:

There are two programs you must uninstall in order to completely remove VAIO Messenger from your laptop. They are VAIO Messenger, and Oasis2service, the service which delivers updates to VAIO Messenger.
If you uninstall VAIO Messenger and the associated service, you will no longer be able to receive critical messages from Sony regarding your PC.
You can try to delete VAIO Messenger and the Oasis2Service from the Programs and Features section of the Control Panel in Windows 7.

1) Click on Start menu button and select Control Panel, then select Programs & Features
2) In Programs and Features, click on VAIO Messenger to select the application.
3) Click on Uninstall to uninstall VAIO Messenger.  [A webpage for DDNi will launch in a browser window I just simply closed it, and notice the uninstall program is still in progress.]
4) Click on Oasis2Service to select this service.
5) Click on Uninstall to uninstall Oasis2Service.
6) Once uninstall is completed, it is recommended you to reboot your PC.
However, Usually there are some leftover files stored in your system. You are not able to delete it through Control Panel. Thus, you need to manually delete them by using Registry Editor. But, it is not recommended you to try this method as once you remove the wrong registry file, your system will be destroyed.

In this case, you can install and run Perfect Uninstaller to properly remove any remaining unused registry key entries and all other needles crap that's taking up space and resources on your computer. If you can't uninstall VAIO Messenger, you can forcibly uninstall it by using the "Force Uninstall" function of Perfect Uninstaller. You can also see how it works well in YouTube below:


How Do I Uninstall TomTom Home from My Laptop If I Can’t Manually Delete It in Windows?

Did you try to totally uninstall TomTom Home in Standard Way? But you could not get success.
You might feel frustrated that you have deleted TomTom again and again, but it was still there.
The error message was coming up and you can’t remove TomTom by using “Add or Remove Programs”. And the error messages frequently pop up on your computer screen.
Are you confused that sometimes you want to get rid of the program by using the standard way but you can’t find the “Uninstall” option on All Programs? In this case, what are you supposed to do? Re-build your Windows system? It will take so much time. In fact, if you carefully follow the software removal guides below.
Do you want to delete TomTom Home when it gets error or corrupted?

How to completely remove TomTom Home with usual removal way?

As a matter of fact, most of you would like to delete programs in the standard way which is using “Add or Remove Programs” in Windows XP or “Programs and Features” in Win 7 or Windows Vista. Thus, you should click “Start Menu” and then go to the Control Panel. Next, you click the “Add or Remove Programs” or “Programs and Features”. And then, you will find out the TomTom Home on the programs list and click the “Change/Remove” button. If there is no error, you can normally delete the software. The program will be uninstalled from Control Panel. But, the removal guides have not been completed. There are many related files and extensions which are stored all around your PC. You are not able to get rid of them with this uninstall way.

Now, you might have no idea to fix the software removal problem. If you are a computer technician, you can manually clean up the Windows registry entries to confirm the application that have been fully uninstalled. But, it is so complicated for most of you to edit the registry data so that it not recommended you to remove TomTom by manual.  
In order to save your time and money, it is an amazing uninstall tool like Perfect Uninstaller. It is specifically made to help you totally uninstall any unneeded programs.

How to totally uninstall TomTom Home if you can’t delete it with “Program and Features”?

Is it complicated to uninstall TomTom Home using “Programs and Features” in Windows 7? Are you confused about deleting the related files and extensions? Perfect Uninstaller will help you entirely remove TomTom and all its related information with no difficulties. And you can handle all application removal issues. It is 100% guaranteed!

Perfect Uninstaller Reviews – What Do You Think about Perfect Uninstaller in Your Mind?

Perfect Uninstaller is one of the most powerful software removal tools which can help users totally delete any unwanted applications in the computer. It is not only easy to use, but also is useful to solve problems.
Have you ever felt annoyed when you tried to uninstall an unwanted program like corrupted Kaspersky antivirus program, but you failed because there were many related leftover files in your PC? You might think that you can delete unneeded applications through “Add or Remove Programs” in Windows XP. Unfortunately, you could not find the unwanted software in the programs’ list. In this case, the software could not be deleted by using the normal removal way. Fortunately, Perfect Uninstaller is specially produced to handle program removal problems. It can forcibly delete the program and its related extensions without traces because it can automatically scan and clean up the related files during the processes of software removal. Thus, if you encounter the troubles like above, it is recommended you to use Perfect Uninstaller to solve the problems.
There are three steps for you to fully delete a program:
Start up Perfect Uninstaller
Locate the program that you want to delete
Click “Uninstall” button to follow the onscreen processes and the program will be gone soon.

Meanwhile, you can also learn how to forcibly uninstall a program step by step. Just follow the software removal instruction on my YouTube Chanel. You will find it is not difficult to totally remove any unwanted program with Perfect Uninstaller.


How Can I Fully Remove Alot Toolbar When It Is not Good for Me?

Have to remove Alot Toolbar? My sister downloaded the Alot program but found she didn't really like it. It said to uninstall it go into control panel and click on Alot toolbar and it would uninstall. She can’t even find it in her control panel list of programs, but it does show as a toolbar in her Firefox browser. She needs suggestions on how to remove it? And now, I find some good uninstall tips for you to learn as below: 
Is it easy to remove Alot Toolbar from Control Panel?
Click on Start, Settings, Control Panel
Double click on Add/Remove Programs
Find "ALOT Toolbar" in the list of installed programs and click on Change/Remove to uninstall it.
Follow along with the prompts to complete the uninstalling.
The Alot toolbar should now be completely uninstalled from your computer.
But, to completely purge Alot program from your computer, you need to delete the files, folders, and Windows registry keys, and registry values associated with Alot. These files, folders, and registry keys are respectively listed in the Files, Folders, Registry Keys, and Registry Values sections.
How to remove the Alot registry keys and values:
On the Windows Start menu, click Run.
In the Open box, type regedit and click OK.
The Registry Editor window opens. This window consists of two panes. The left pane displays folders that represent the registry keys arranged in hierarchical order. The right one lists the registry values of the currently selected registry key.
To delete each registry key listed in the Registry Keys section, do the following:
Locate the key in the left pane of the Registry Editor window by sequentially expanding the folders according to the path indicated in the Registry Keys section. For example, if the path of a registry key is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\FolderA\FolderB\KeyName1, sequentially expand the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, software, FolderA, and FolderB folders.
Select the key name indicated at the end of the path (KeyName1 in the example above).
Right-click the key name and select Delete on the menu.
Click Yes in the Confirm Key Delete dialog box.
If this removal process seems too difficult for you, you should employ a professional uninstaller tool to help you get rid of the Alot programs. Currently, the most specified removal software for Alot is Perfect Uninstaller. With Perfect Uninstaller running on your computer, all the components of Alot program will be recognized and will be removed instantly with a few clicks!

You can also learn how to force uninstall a program with step-by-step guides in my YouTube Chanel below:


What Can I Do to Completely Uninstall My Web Search Toolbar As I Can’t Delete It by Manual?

I was frustrated to manually uninstall My Web Search toolbar from my PC. I had no idea to get rid of it. By now, I have solved the problem easily. And do you know how?
How do you uninstall my web search from your toolbar? The My Web Search toolbar is a precisely customizable toolbar that installs directly onto your Web browser. It is often installed when you download software from the “Fun Web Products” line. Its design allows you to Search from anywhere on the Web using the Internet's leading search providers; add free "cool tools" such as PopSwatter, Smiley Central, Popular Screen savers, and Cursor Mania My Info button.
Despite the fact that these applications are not spyware, it somehow uses up memory and slow your computer down. Now just follow the simple instructions and the My Web Search toolbar will be uninstalled.
Close all open Web browsers.
Click on “Start” and choose “Control Panel.”
Click on “Add/Remove Programs” if you are a Windows XP user. Windows Vista and 7 users should click on “Programs and Features.”
Find the My Web Search toolbar in the list of programs that are installed on your computer. The toolbar may also be installed under the name “My Search Bar,” “My Web Search Bar,” “Search Assistant” or “MyWay Speed Bar.”
Click on the toolbar name once to highlight it in the list, then click the “Remove” button to uninstall the program.
Reboot your computer to allow changes to take effect.
How to fully remove remaining files of My Web Search toolbar?
Click on the “Start” button and choose “Computer” from the Start menu.
Double-click your main hard drive. This will usually be the “C” drive.
Double-click the “Program Files” folder.
Locate the folders named “FunWebProducts” or “MyWebSearch.”
Right-click on the folders and choose “Delete” from the menu to remove them.

You can easily uninstall the My Web Search toolbar using the instructions above. Should you reopen your Web browser and still see the My Web Search toolbar, you may need to restart your computer for the uninstall process to be completed. You can also run Perfect Uninstaller once you have removed the files and processes to remove any other files or registry keys that might still be left on your computer. It is recommended that you use Perfect Uninstaller when you start to eliminate My Web Search toolbar completely with a few clicks as instructed.
Run the uninstall tool on your computer

Select or insert the option, Show Windows installer, on the main panel of Perfect Uninstaller as attached. Click any components of My Web Search toolbar (you can see) on the program list of Perfect Uninstaller.  Click Uninstall to start the removal.


Can’t Uninstall McAfee in Windows 8 – What is The Best Way to Totally Delete McAfee Security Center?

Can not uninstall McAfee in Win 8 from your computer when it works not well after you update Windows?
Are you desired to fully uninstall McAfee and its invalid registry entries?
Are you feeling tired of wasting so much time to get around popping up errors of this program? 
Don’t worry, there are some clear and useful McAfee removal tips in this article to help you fully get rid of it. As a matter of fact, McAfee antivirus is security software that provides users protection against viruses, spyware, Adware and other internet threats that can compromise their privacy and destroy their PC. Recently, it has also been developed to keep kids safe online with parental control software by blocking or filtering inappropriate content, Spam websites and monitoring internet usage. However, once it is installed into your Windows system, McAfee will be embedded with many files in your system or leave traces to multiple folders. So, it would be a big headache when it is stop working or corrupted because you can not completely delete McAfee and the related files. However, you could carefully follow the software uninstall guides to remove the program.

McAfee error message when you failed to delete it.

How can you entirely remove McAfee from Windows 8 in steps?

Technically, what you need to do is how computer technicians remove programs for you when the standard removal way is unavailable. That is manually uninstalling McAfee antivirus. However, it's a very risky method to use, especially if you haven't done it before. Deleting the wrong file could cause disaster for your computer... which is why it's recommended that you could try to use an uninstall tool to safely and totally remove the programs. We've found one of the best software uninstallers is called Perfect Uninstaller.
To fully uninstall McAfee security center when the standard uninstaller can't work, you may have to follow the instruction to manually and forcibly uninstall the directories of it as following.
Although this method is a very powerful way to remove any program from your computer, you need to be very cautious when you apply steps for forcible uninstall. If you follow the steps above, you can surely uninstall McAfee from your computer. But if you fail to conduct a step correctly, your computer will crash or be destroyed immediately.

How to completely uninstall McAfee antivirus from your laptop with Perfect Uninstaller?

In the mean time, only the fully authorized Perfect Uninstaller can force uninstall all the files and folders of McAfee directly and scan the left over registry entries and get them cleaned up. Using Perfect Uninstaller is a much easier and safer resolution to help you completely get rid of McAfee in seconds, with hassle free. It is actually a fantastic removal tool that can help you fully remove McAfee Antivirus program with great success and make sure all the defunct registry entries and related files are eliminated automatically with a few clicks. 
Can't remove McAfee Security Center? Try Perfect Uninstaller now!

You can learn how to totally remove McAfee by using Perfect Uninstaller in YouTube:


How Can I Uninstall Avast Totally from My Computer When It Is Not Showing in Add or Remove Programs?

Do you feel annoyed to uninstall Avast from your PC? I do. You might encounter the troubles like these below:
When I uninstall Avast, I cannot reinstall it. When I run the Avast setup, it pops out an error box "Avast! installer cannot continue because the last Avst! operation was performed without restarting. Please reboot your computer first and then run the installer again.'' That is so disappointed. And I went to google and searched the removal tips about this problem. Finally, I found out the most useful Avast removal guides. I would like to share all I know to you!

What is Avast!?

Based on the engine developed by a group of scientists, Avast is real time security software that protects computers against new and modified virus. Among the popularly used antivirus software, it gets highest hit-rate on virus detection. It is particularly able to block secondary infection to the Hard Disk Drive by detecting virus code of virus that resides in the memory.

How to fully uninstall Avast from your PC?

When Avast needs to be uninstalled from a system, that means the program is no longer available to scan your computer for viruses or you just want to change and try to use other different antivirus software. What happens if the Avast cannot be uninstalled from your computer using the (Add/Remove) Programs functionality in the Microsoft Windows Control Panel?
As previously sated, one of the most common problems that computer user's encounter when trying to uninstall Avast or any other hard-to-remove programs from their computer is receiving error messages. Or, with 'stubborn' registry files stay on the system, if you reinstall another program with these erroneous or corrupt files still present, the computer may not accomplish the setup.
Apparently, the best solution to completely remove Avast is to use the professional uninstall tool called Perfect Uninstaller. It is a comprehensive and easy remover of antivirus software and other programs which cannot be removed using the (Add/Remove) Programs functionality in Windows. It can forcibly uninstall any corrupted programs through their directories or program files and scan the leftover registry keys of the program at the same times. Besides, it guarantees a hundred percent secure removal with powerful capability to back up and restore registry of the entire computer system. Aside from its ability to totally delete Avast and all its related files, this uninstaller can also get rid of other antivirus programs or rogue programs, such as Norton, AVG and McAfee.

How to completely remove Avast from your laptop with Perfect Uninstaller?

2. Run it after installation
3. Find out Avast! in the list and click uninstall button
These three steps can completely uninstall a program including its registry entries.
If Avast is partly uninstalled or corrupted, you need to force uninstall it as follow
1.Right click the folder of Avast and select “Force Uninstall with PU” option
2.Follow the onscreen steps, and the software will be fully removed soon.

You can see how to totally delete Avast antivirus in the video on YouTube below:


Fully Uninstall PC Speed Up - How Can I Totally Remove PC Speed Up from Windows System (Uninstall Guides)

Do you have any idea to fully remove PCSpeed Up due to it is expired?
Are you disappointed that you could not totally delete PC Speed Up as there are error message pop-up?
Are you tired to try the removal tips about how to completely get rid of PC Speed Up but you failed?
In fact, it is not difficult for you to uninstall it from your pc if you could carefully follow the uninstall guides in this article as following. At the beginning, you should know:

Why you need to fully uninstall PC Speed Up from your laptop?

PC Speed Up may appear to be legitimate and have a convincing name, but it can not speed up your computer or remove malware to protect your computer. It uses the fake warning messages to frighten PC users and convince average computer users that they need to purchase its full version. PC Speed Up is similar to other rogue anti-spyware programs popping up on the Web. After you bought it, and you would find it is useless and you could not delete it with its own uninstaller. In this case, what can you do?

How to entirely remove PC Speed Up from your pc without any troubles?

First of all, you need to check the system tray at the lower left end of your desktop to see if the PC Speed Up icon is present. Right click on the icon if it is showing up in the system tray, and then choose the "Exit" option from the menu that will pop up.
Hold down the "Ctrl," "Alt" and "Delete" keys at the same time to bring up the computer's Task Manager Menu.
Navigate over to the "Processes" tab and scroll down through the list of files you computer is currently using. Check to see if there are any instances of the "PC Speed Up.exe" file in the list. Click on the PC Speed Up entry if there is one and click on the "End Process" button to shut down the process.
To remove PC Speed Up that is installed under Windows XP, you need to follow the step-by-step guides below.
Click the Start button, and then you should click Control Panel menu item, and next you need to double-click Add or Remove Programs icon.
In the Currently installed programs list, select the PC Speed Up program, and then click “Change/Remove” button.
If you are prompted to confirm the removal, click “Yes”.
How to delete the program in Windows Vista, Windows 7?
Go and Click the Start button, locate the Control Panel, next, you should click Uninstall a Program under Programs, and then click Programs and Features.
Highlight PC Speed Up program, and then click “Uninstall” button.
If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
However, there are many chances that subscription ran out, it says the software has been uninstalled but the PC Speed Up is still there. If this what you have run into, you need to apply a powerful uninstaller( like Perfect Uninstaller) that not only detects programs listed on startup but also removes any wanted programs from your computer with ease.

How to Force Uninstall PC Speed Up with Perfect Uninstaller?

Download and install Perfect Uninstaller.
Quit all the unneeded running program on your computer
Navigate the hard drive and right click either of the directories below and select “Force Uninstall with PU”
C:\Program Files\PC Speed Up!
Confirm on every popped up Window still the removal is done.
Repeat this removal process if you still see it after rebooting computer.

Can’t fully uninstall PC Speed Up? Perfect Uninstaller does a good job! (It is 100% guarantee!)
You can learn PC Speed Up removal guides in YouTube: