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Can't Fully Uninstall Adobe Dreamweaver cs4?Learn How to Totally Remove Adobe Dreamweaver cs4 in Windows XP?

Do you want to uninstall Adobe Dreamweaver cs4 because of its annoying pop-up error  messages? Are you looking for an efficient way to uninstall it because you find that the program can not be completely removed through “Add/ Remove Programs”?   In this case, you might have no idea to totally uninstall Adobe Dreamweaver cs4. However, there are also some useful tips to help you fix the problem. You should follow its removal guides as below.

When you open Adobe Dreamweaver cs4, a list of errors will come up in a warning box. And you will see a red stop sign symbol on the bottom-left of your project canvas. Sometimes these errors cause the document failing to be open entirely . For example, the error message will occur when you try to use the program. You may wish to uninstall Adobe Dreamweaver cs4 and re-install it to solve the problem. But you will find that the standard uninstall method cannot completely remove the program. The reason why the program remains in your system after being uninstalled by the standard method is that there are some related files or extensions of the program in your computer. You might try to delete Adobe Dreamweaver cs4 in the standard way which means that you can remove software by using Windows uninstaller. To finish the removal, you have to delete registry entries which are related to Adobe Dreamweaver cs4. The following  steps will show you how to completely uninstall Adobe Dreamweaver cs4 manually.
Step 1. Go to Control Panel from the Start menu.
Step 2. Locate “Add / Remove Program” and launch it by double-clicking.
Step 3. In the list of programs displayed find out the target program, select it and click “Change/Remove” button.
Step 4. Press Windows+ R keys to open the Run dialog box.
Step 5. Locate the folder HKEY_CURRENT_USER and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Search and select the registry entries related to the program.
Step 6. Restart your PC and the Adobe Dreamweaver cs4 has been uninstalled from your computer.
Most of you might feel confused about some of the steps above. And you might have difficulties to edit the Windows registry. If there are any mistakes, your system will be destroyed. So is there any other program removal ways to completely uninstall Adobe Dreamweaver cs4 from your Windows?

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