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How to Uninstall Applications on a Mac as You Can’t Completely Delete It

Do you consider that it is easy to uninstall an application on a Mac?
Normally, you could just drag the app’s icon from the Applications folder into the trash to get rid of an app. However, the problem with OS X is that even when you uninstall applications, a lot of stuff gets left behind, and there’s no built-in way to find all the supporting files and get rid of them. 

This is a problem that people associate with Windows, but it’s actually a big OS X issue. To fix the problem, you could follow the applications uninstall guides as below.


How to delete an app on mac that won’t delete?

Are you confused to delete apps from your Mac?
Is it annoying that you try to remove or uninstall apps on mac that won’t delete?

If you are in trouble with getting rid of unwanted Mac software, here’s how to totally uninstall or delete an application or software program from your Mac.


Remove Adware Mac Free – How to Remove Adware from Chrome in Mac

It is necessary to remove adware from your mac if there are pop-up ads or browser keeps sending you to the wrong websites. Obviously, the malicious software can hijack your browser and litter your screen with advertisements. 

Thus, you need to get rid of adware to avoid your mac being infected. If you can’t remove adware in Mac, you could learn and manually remove adware mac step by step.