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What Can I Do to Completely Uninstall My Web Search Toolbar As I Can’t Delete It by Manual?

I was frustrated to manually uninstall My Web Search toolbar from my PC. I had no idea to get rid of it. By now, I have solved the problem easily. And do you know how?
How do you uninstall my web search from your toolbar? The My Web Search toolbar is a precisely customizable toolbar that installs directly onto your Web browser. It is often installed when you download software from the “Fun Web Products” line. Its design allows you to Search from anywhere on the Web using the Internet's leading search providers; add free "cool tools" such as PopSwatter, Smiley Central, Popular Screen savers, and Cursor Mania My Info button.
Despite the fact that these applications are not spyware, it somehow uses up memory and slow your computer down. Now just follow the simple instructions and the My Web Search toolbar will be uninstalled.
Close all open Web browsers.
Click on “Start” and choose “Control Panel.”
Click on “Add/Remove Programs” if you are a Windows XP user. Windows Vista and 7 users should click on “Programs and Features.”
Find the My Web Search toolbar in the list of programs that are installed on your computer. The toolbar may also be installed under the name “My Search Bar,” “My Web Search Bar,” “Search Assistant” or “MyWay Speed Bar.”
Click on the toolbar name once to highlight it in the list, then click the “Remove” button to uninstall the program.
Reboot your computer to allow changes to take effect.
How to fully remove remaining files of My Web Search toolbar?
Click on the “Start” button and choose “Computer” from the Start menu.
Double-click your main hard drive. This will usually be the “C” drive.
Double-click the “Program Files” folder.
Locate the folders named “FunWebProducts” or “MyWebSearch.”
Right-click on the folders and choose “Delete” from the menu to remove them.

You can easily uninstall the My Web Search toolbar using the instructions above. Should you reopen your Web browser and still see the My Web Search toolbar, you may need to restart your computer for the uninstall process to be completed. You can also run Perfect Uninstaller once you have removed the files and processes to remove any other files or registry keys that might still be left on your computer. It is recommended that you use Perfect Uninstaller when you start to eliminate My Web Search toolbar completely with a few clicks as instructed.
Run the uninstall tool on your computer

Select or insert the option, Show Windows installer, on the main panel of Perfect Uninstaller as attached. Click any components of My Web Search toolbar (you can see) on the program list of Perfect Uninstaller.  Click Uninstall to start the removal.

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