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How to Uninstall Google Music Manager if I Can’t Totally Remove Music Manager for Windows

You might be so frustrated about "There is no way to fully uninstall Google Music Manager on your Windows". When you delete it from applications and it still showed up ever time you started up the PC. And this makes you get a slow computer.Too many auto-run programs added to Startup may be the major cause of a slow Windows PC. You might have searched how to completely remove it, and did that. But, you failed. In order to avoid this annoying trouble, you need to learn how to totally uninstall Google Music Manager step by step below.

How to get rid of Google Music Manager by manual?

Click Windows key or Home key + R key to open up "Run" application. Input MSCONFIG or msconfig in it, then you click OK button on Run.

Select the Startup option on System Configuration.

Find and disable Music Manager item on that list by cancelling the checkbox for it and then clicking Apply and OK button. What's more, if you're willing to manually upgrade other Google product, such as Google Chrome, you can also disable the Google Update project listed.

Click "Restart" button on System Configuration. Or you can select the option Exit without restart.
If you want to delete Google Music Manager in Control Panel, you can follow or review the steps below.

Click on Start button in Taskbar, and then click Control Panel link and then Programs - Programs and features - Uninstall or Change a program.

Double click on Music Manager program installed list.
You can click Show details to learn more on the automatic removal process; and then you click Close button on Music Manager Uninstall: Completed window.
For advanced users, you can manually detect and remove Google Music Manager remains through go into Registry Editor; and for more common users, run an uninstall tool to safely and fully uninstall Google Music Manager from Windows without any traces.After trying the manual removal procedures or the Music Manager uninstaller, you will find that the Google Music Manager is still in your system. In that case, you should use an uninstall tool to run a clean removal for you. There are many professional uninstall tool for you to choose. As one of the most excellent uninstall tools, Perfect Uninstaller performs perfectly in many tests, and a very useful feature of Perfect Uninstaller is that they can force uninstall these hidden files.
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