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How to Remove and Uninstall AntiAdBlocker Completely, Delete AntiAdBlocker with Its Uninstall Tips from Your PC

Would you like to uninstall AntiAdBlocker from your laptop but you found out that it didn't have Uninstall option?
Do you want to get rid of AntiAdBlocker since you didn't download and install it in your computer?
Can not uninstall AntiAdBlocker and it just stays in your computer?
Do you get some popup messages telling that AntiAdBlocker will not uninstall from Win 7?
Are you annoyed to uninstall AntiAdBlocker while you uninstall it by using “Uninstall a Program” on the “Control Panel” in Windows 7 or Windows 8 because there are still problems?

As a AntiAdBlocker user, it is so frustrated that you do not know how to uninstall AntiAdBlocker from your computer or laptop. There are a lot of AntiAdBlocker removal solutions on the internet.
Specially, you can get so many answers about how to remove AntiAdBlocker in the forum. However, the answers are similar and you still can not delete AntiAdBlocker completely with the uninstall tips in the forum. This might just make you feel confused and have no sense to remove this antivirus program.
In order to delete AntiAdBlocker completely, you can learn its removal guides as following. You are definitely able to get rid of AntiAdBlocker from your PC or laptop.

How to Uninstall AntiAdBlocker Completely If You Can not Uninstall It by Using “Uninstall a Program” Applet from Control Panel?

Are you tired to contact AntiAdBlocker support center to learn how to uninstall AntiAdBlocker? As a matter of fact, there usually are some errors while you remove AntiAdBlocker from your computer. 

Can not Uninstall AntiAdBlocker Successfully Because There Are Error Messages? You Can Use AntiAdBlocker Removal Instruction below to Remove It without Using Windows Uninstaller in Control Panel.

Most of antivirus users just know uninstalling AntiAdBlocker free trial version, Norton or other trial antivirus programs by using “Programs and Features” in Control Panel. You might suppose that the antivirus program has been uninstalled from your computer. In fact, there are some leftover files and extensions on your computer. It will absolutely corrupt your Windows system and slow down your PC or laptop. Obviously, the purpose of antivirus company is to force you to upgrade and buy the full version so that they can get the profit.
Fortunately, if you can not uninstall AntiAdBlocker free trial version in Windows Control Panel, you can try to use the powerful uninstall tool. The Perfect Uninstaller is specific software to help you completely get rid of AntiAdBlocker all its leftover files and extensions with the fantastic function which is called “Force Uninstall”.

How to Uninstall AntiAdBlocker Completely with Ease?

Step 2: Find AntiAdBlocker free trial version or full version in the program list.

Step 3: Click “Uninstall” button to follow the processes of AntiAdBlocker removal.
Step 4: Click “Next” button to scan the registry files and extensions so that you can get rid of AntiAdBlocker completely.
Step 5: Click “Finish” button after file scanning. And AntiAdBlocker is entirely uninstalled from your computer.

Force Uninstall AntiAdBlocker When It Won’t Uninstall Manually

Step 2: Click the “Force Uninstall” option on the interface of Perfect Uninstaller
Step 3: Select the scanning program path. That means you should locate and select the unwanted program for scanning. Normally, it is stored in C:\Program Files (x86) in Windows 7, Windows 8 and C:\Program Files in Windows XP
Step 4: Select and click the “AntiAdBlocker” folder.
Step 5: Click “Next” button to follow the processes.
Step 6* Click "Next" to start scanning the registry files about the unneeded program.
Step 7* It will take some time to finish registry scanning. If you don't want to wait, you could click "Skip" option and cancel the scanning.

Step 8* After the registry scanning is completed, click "Next" button to select all related files.

Step 9* Click "Next" button to delete all related files.

Step 10: Click “Finish” button when it stops scanning files and extensions.
At this moment, the Perfect Uninsataller has helped you completely uninstall Anti AdBlocker and all of its leftover files and extensions which can not be removed by “Uninstall a Program” in Control Panel of Windows system.

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