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Get into Windows Safe Mode – How Do You Boot into Safe Mode in Windows System Step by Step ?

Is difficult to get into Windows Safe Mode?
You might want to boot into Safe Mode of Windows but you have no idea?
Are you searching for the way to enter Windows Safe Mode so that you could delete some unwanted programs completely?

Don't worry! Getting into Windows Safe Mode is so easy if you could follow the guides in this post. And it will take you a few minutes to get the job done with ease.

What is Safe Mode?

Safe mode is a diagnostic mode of a computer operating system. It can also refer to a mode of operation by application software. And it is intended to fix most, if not all problems within an operating system.
Safe mode is useful for troubleshooting problems with programs and drivers that might not start correctly or that might prevent Windows from starting correctly. If a problem doesn't reappear when you start in safe mode, you can eliminate the default settings and basic device drivers as possible causes. If a recently installed program, device, or driver prevents Windows from running correctly, you can start your computer in safe mode and then remove the program that's causing the problem. Therefore, it is also widely used for deleting fake security programs and other software removal.

Why you should start up your computer in Safe Mode?

Safe mode starts in Windows with a limited set of files and drivers. Startup programs don't run in this mode, and only the basic drivers needed to start Windows are installed. This will allow you to remove attempt to remove viruses, change bad drivers and other diagnostic tasks that cannot be removed in Normal Mode. Thus, it is good for you to get into that mode with networking to get rid of unwanted software.

How can you boot into Windows Safe Mode?

At the beginning, you need to start up your computer. And there are two cases you need to select:
1.If your computer has a single operating system installed, keep pressing the F8 key on your PC keyboard as your computer starts. You need to press F8 before the Windows logo appears. This will open the Windows Advanced Options Menu

If the Windows logo appears, you'll need to try again by waiting until the Windows logon prompt appears, and then shutting down and restarting your computer. If you begin tapping the F8 key too soon, some computers display a "keyboard error" message. 

To resolve this, restart the computer and try again.
2.If your computer has more than one operating system, use the arrow keys to highlight the operating system you want to start in safe mode, and then press F8.
On the Advanced Boot Options screen, use the arrow keys to highlight the safe mode option you want, and then press Enter.

After you choose the Mode option, you need to log in to your computer with a user account that has administrator rights. When you enter Windows system with Safe Mode, you will see the words like that name in the corners of your monitor. As you have finished the job and want to quit and boot into the normal Windows Mode. What you need to do is to reboot your computer and let Windows run normally. And your PC will work as well as it does before. Or your computer might run faster since you have deleted unwanted programs and virus from your PC in Safe Mode.

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