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Can’t Uninstall Internet Access Server – How to Delete It with the Best Internet Access Server Uninstall Instructions

Can’t uninstall Internet Access Server because it shows up again and again?
Have you ever felt disappointed that you tried to remove Internet Access Server but failed?
Internet Access Server is an outstanding IT service, network and communication provider headquartered in the world. It is definitely annoying when it is corrupted or unavailable. In this case, you need to re-install Internet Access Server, but firstly completely uninstall it. There are always some error message popup saying something is trying to access your computer which you don’t want. And this makes you fail to get rid of Internet Access Server.

If the automatic removal doesn’t seem to work, you can follow the manual Internet Access Server removal instructions. It is not easy to handle the processes.
How to uninstall Internet Access Server by manual?
Click Start Menu > Select “Run”
Type “Regedit” in the dialog box, and then click “ok” to confirm.
Click the down arrow on the Save in drop-down list and choose Desktop.
In the File name field, type ELN.
Click the All radio button in the Export range area.
Click the Save button.
Click the plus sign next to HKEY_CURRENT_USER so that its contents are shown.
Click the plus sign next to Software so that its contents are shown.
Select all Internet Access Server related files. Right-click them and Click “Delete”.
Click the plus sign next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE so that its contents are shown.
Click the plus sign next to SOFTWARE so that its contents are shown.
Click the Internet Access Server folder with your right mouse button, click Delete.
Click the “Yes” button.
Finally, restart your computer. Internet Access Server will be uninstalled completely.
WARNING: Using the Registry Editor incorrectly can cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system. Editing the Registry should only be done by experienced users or technicians. Internet Access Server cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the incorrect use of the Registry Editor can be solved. Edit the registry at your own risk and always back it up prior to making any changes.
Therefore, you should prefer a better and safer way to uninstall Internet Access Server. A professional uninstall tool can remove it fully and quickly. Some installed programs are hidden around your system. You can not easily find and remove them by manual. If you can, it also will take you so much time. But, the uninstall tool will force uninstall these extensions. Perfect Uninstaller is one of the best uninstall tool.
Can’t remove Internet Access Server completely? Just use Perfect Uninstaller!

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