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Can’t Uninstall KeyFinder? How Can I Fully Remove KeyFinder from Your Laptop (Removal Guides)

Can’t uninstall KeyFinder as it is corrupted? Have you tried to remove KeyFinder from your laptop but it is not responding? You might install KeyFinder in your computer by mistake. But, when you don’t need it and try to get rid of it, it pops-up error message again and again. Thus, you have to uninstall KeyFinder completely from your PC. Unfortunately, you have tried to get rid of it with their removal tips on the forum, but you failed.
In this article, you will find the most helpful removal guides for you to fully remove KeyFinder from your laptop.

1.       How can you uninstall KeyFinder if you don’t want to use it for free?

You could learn the uninstall guides step by step below.
As a Windows XP user:
Click Start menu > Control Panel > “Add or Remove Programs” > Select KeyFinder > Click “Change or Remove” option on the right. > In the onscreen, click Next, finally click “Remove” button to delete the program.

As a Windows Vista or Windows 7 user:
Click Start menu > Control Panel > “Programs and Features” > Select KeyFinder > Click “Uninstall” utility on the right. > In the onscreen, click Next, finally click “Remove” to delete the program.

2.       How can you totally remove KeyFinder if it is broken and it is not listed in the programs list?

In fact, when KeyFinder is corrupted, the removal ways above are not useful enough. You could not just follow the normal way to delete KeyFinder. There is one more step to help you get rid of it. You need to go to the registry editor to remove KeyFinder related files in the registry entries. However, it is highly risky for you to follow the detailed procedures. Any mistakes happen will destroy your system. Thus, it is not recommended to manually delete KeyFinder.

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