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How Can I Totally Uninstall Directx 11 When It Is Corrupted and "Add or Remove Programs" Can't Delete It?

Are you in troubles on trying to uninstall Directx from your PC?
Is it risky to manually uninstall Directx from your laptop?
Don't worry too much about it for now as after you read this page you will at least know how to fix your problem and at best you will have your problem solved so yo can go back and get on with playing your games the way you used to (... without any problems.)

When Leo Notenboom the famous and popular "internet Geek" and "Mr. know it all" from www.ask-leo.com was asked by a gamer who was having problems with Direct X "How can I uninstall Directx 9?"

His simple answer was and I quote:

" To the best of my knowledge you can't. Once installed, it becomes part of the operating system. If you need to uninstall then a Google search for "Directx Uninstall" returns several hits, but I can't speak for their quality. Ultimately, the approach I would try would be to re-install the operating system and then not install Directx 9."

Now, I don't know about you, but uninstalling a whole operating system then re-installing it really isn't that simple, for internet Geeks it maybe so but definitely not for the majority of computer users.

Here's the Directx uninstaller if you want to download it now, but you can read on to learn more on how to completely uninstall Directx from your PC, without the need to uninstall your Windows Operating System, whether it maybe (Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7).
Remove Directx The Easy Way From Your PC.
If you are reading this page here, there is a chance that you are having the same type of problems so many others seem to be having on how to uninstall Directx from your PC without having to uninstall your Windows XP, Windows Vista or even Windows 7 operating system.

One of the main disadvantages of Directx 8, Directx 9, Directx 10 and Directx 11 is that there is no official method to uninstall them from your PC. Obviously Microsoft doesn't want you to uninstall their product from your PC, just in case you decide to download competings gaming software. And that's where a lot of people start having with all sorts of problems trying to remove Directx.

For instance Directx 8, by default is packaged with Windows XP; Directx 9 is also packaged with Windows XP and Windows Vista; Directx 10 was shipped with Windows Vista and now Directx 11 comes packaged with Windows 7. What makes matters confusing and one starts to get in all sorts of problems is when PC users and gamers end up with a more advance Operating System than the one their games is designed for.

So the best way to get around the problem is to uninstall Directx using the "Perfect Uninstaller". This special software will allow you to uninstall ONLY the Directx version that is causing all the problems.

Why do you prefer Perfect Uninstaller?

Aside from working to uninstall Directx, the Perfect Uninstaller will actually get rid of other non-working programs from your computer. To give you an idea about why it pays to use programs like the Perfect Uninstaller program, take a look at the following benefits that it provides:

1. Perfect Uninstaller can completely uninstall programs which cannot be removed by the standard (Add/Remove) applet in Windows.

2. It completely gets rid of empty or corrupted registry entries.

3. It forcibly uninstalls corrupted or hidden programs.

4. It restores registry files to the previous working session.

With all these functionalities and more, it is no wonder why uninstall tools like the Perfect Uninstaller are used by computer users who would like to remove Directx. It can also completely remove other non-working programs like Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Norton or Trend Micro antivirus and similar hard to uninstall programs.

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